Magazine ‎– Secondhand Daylight (1979)

Secondhand Daylight is the sophomore album by Mancunian maximalist rockers Magazine, released in 1979 on Virgin.

A1. “Feed the Enemy” (5:45)
A2. “Rhythm of Cruelty” (3:03)
A3. “Cut-Out Shapes” (4:43)
A4. “Talk to the Body” (4:34)
A5. “I Wanted Your Heart” (5:13)
B1. “The Thin Air” (4:10)
B2. “Back to Nature” (6:40)
B3. “Believe That I Understand” (4:00)
B4. “Permafrost” (5:25)

1979 single:
A. “Rhythm of Cruelty”* / B. “T.V. Baby
*different recording from album version

Howard Devoto – vocals
John McGeoch – guitar, saxophone, backing vocals, keyboards (“The Thin Air”)
Barry Adamson – bass, backing vocals
Dave Formula – keyboards
John Doyle – drums, percussion

Colin Thurston – production, engineering

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