Magazine ‎– Real Life (1978)

Real Life is the debut album by Mancunian maximalist rockers Magazine, released in 1978 on Virgin.

A1. “Definitive Gaze” (4:25)
A2. “My Tulpa” (4:47)
A3. “Shot by Both Sides” (4:01)
A4. “Recoil” (2:50)
A5. “Burst” (5:00)
B1. “Motorcade” (5:41)
B2. “The Great Beautician in the Sky” (4:56)
B3. “The Light Pours Out of Me” (4:36)
B4. “Parade” (5:08)

1978 singles:
A. “Shot by Both Sides” (3:54)* / B. “My Mind Ain’t So Open” (2:16)
A. “Touch and Go” (2:50) / B. “Goldfinger” (3:20)
A. “Give Me Everything” (4:22) / B. “I Love You, You Big Dummy” (3:54)
*different recording from album version

Howard Devoto — vocals, lyrics
Barry Adamson — bass guitar
Dave Formula — keyboards
Martin Jackson — drum
John McGeoch — guitar, saxophone

John Leckie — producer, engineer
Hayden Bendall — assistant engineer
Linder — cover art, design

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