Maffy Falay / Sevda – Jazz I Sverige ’72 (1972)

Jazz I Sverige ’72 is an album by the Swedish/Turkish ethno-jazz/rock ensemble Sevda, released in 1972 on Caprice.

A1. “Taksim” (2:35)
A2. “Hicaz Dolap” (2:50)
A3. “Tamzara” (11:40)
A4. “Batum” (5:25)
B1. “Karadeniz” (5:20)
B2. “Makadonya” (8:30)
B3. “Cifte Telli” (8:05)
B4. “Karsilama” (3:40)

Maffy Falay — trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, flute
Bernt Rosengren — tenor saxophone, silver flute
Salih Baysal — violin
Gunnar Bergsten — baritone saxophone, flute
Ove Gustavsson — double bass
Okay Temiz — drums, darbuka
Akay Temiz — darbuka

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