Madden and Harris ‎– Fools Paradise (1975)

Fools Paradise is an album by Australian symphonic-folk duo Madden and Harris, released in 1975 on Jasmine Records.

A1. “Wishes” (4:27)
A2. “Fools Paradise 2” (3:24)
A3. “Wind at Eve” (4:01)
A4. “Margaret O’Grady” (3:20)
A5. “I Heard a Man Say” (2:00)
A6. “O’Weary Brain” (3:25)
A7. “Cool September” (1:35)
B. Fools Paradise
-a) “Children of Ice” (2:14)
-b) “Will You Be There” (7:40)
-c) “E.I.E.I.O.” (3:20)
-d) “End Game” (7:02)

1974 shortplayer (added to CD reissues):
12. “Remember Me” (3:03)
13. “Simple Song” (3:17)


  • David Madden — vocals, guitar, bass
  • Peter Harris — vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, organ, mellotron, harpsichord, bassoon, saxophone, zither, cello
  • Paul Baker — bass
  • Doug Gallagher, Nick Churkin, Ross Rignol — drums
  • Ants Neeme — guitar
  • Keith Walker — engineer


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