Machiavel ‎– Mechanical Moonbeams (1978)

Mechanical Moonbeams is the third album by Belgian symphonic/art-rock band Machiavel, released in 1978 on EMI (Bel). In France, the album was issued by Warner Bros. with different cover art.

A1. “Beyond the Silence” (6:10)
A2. “Summon Up Your Strength” (5:03)
A3. “Rope Dancer” (3:40)
A4. “Rebirth” (7:10)
B1. “After the Crop” (7:55)
B2. “Mary” (4:10)
B3. “The Fifth Season” (7:25)

Session extra/CD bonus tracks:
8. “Wind of Life” (6:12)
9. “I’m Not a Loser” (5:42)

Bass, Bass [Pedals], Acoustic Guitar – Roland De Greef
Drums, Vocals, Percussion – Marc Ysaye
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Steel Guitar, Mandolin – Jean Paul Devaux
Electric Piano, Piano, Synthesizer, Synthesizer [String Ensemble], Mellotron – Albert Letecheur
Vocals – Mario Guccio

Written-By – A. Letecheur (A1–B1, B3), J.P. Devaux (A2, A4–B3), M. Isaye (A1–A4, B2, B3), M. Guccio (A1–B2), R. De Greef (A1, A3, B1–B3)
Engineer – Pierre Dupriez
Engineer, Mixed By – Jean Trenchant
Producer – Machiavel
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By – Erwin Vervaecke

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