L.T.D. ‎– Togetherness (1978)

Togetherness is the fifth album by American soul/funk ensemble L.T.D., released in 1978 on A&M.

A1. “Holding On (When Love Is Gone)” (3:57)
A2. “We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love” (3:05)
A3. “Jam” (4:38)
A4. “You Must Have Known I Needed Love” (3:33)
A5. “Don’t Stop Loving Me Now” (3:56)
B1. “It’s Time to Be Real” (3:28)
B2. “Concentrate on You” (4:45)
B3. “You Fooled Me” (3:14)
B4. “Together Forever” (3:45)
B5. “Let’s All Live and Give Together” (4:15)

Jeffrey Osborne – lead vocals, background vocals, percussion, drums (A2-3, B6-7, B10)
Lorenzo Carnegie – alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Henry E. Davis – bass, clavinet on “It’s Time to Be Real”, background vocals
James E. Davis – piano, acoustic piano, electric piano, clavinet, celeste, background vocals
John T. McGhee – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Abraham J. “Onion” Miller, Jr. – tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Billy Osborne – organ, piano, acoustic piano, electric piano, clavinet, percussion, drums on “Together Forever”, orchestra bells, background vocals
Jake Riley – trombone
Carle W. Vickers – trumpet, flugelhorn, soprano saxophone, bass, flute

Benorce Blackmon – electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Melvin D. Webb – percussion, drums (A1, A4-5, B8)
Paul Shure – string concertmaster
Producer Bobby Martin

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