Low Flying Aircraft ‎– Low Flying Aircraft (1987)

Low Flying Aircraft is the singular album by the namesake English jazz-rock supergroup, released in 1987 on Subterranean Records.

1. “Sybilization” (3:17)
2. “Fourth Dimension” (3:14)
3. “Baptism by Fire” (2:46)
4. “Poolside” (5:37)
5. “Abstract Blue” (5:33)
6. “Moronathon” (3:15)
7. “Amnesia” (3:00)
8. “Reflection” (8:47)
9. “What Did You Do” (2:06)
10. “Radically Conservative” (3:06)

David Cross — violin
Keith Tippett — piano
Dan Maurer — drums, sampler
Jim Juhn — guitar, bass, sampler, percussion

Ron Linton — clarinet, saxophone
Eric Drew Feldman — Synthesizer [DX7]
Paul Burwell — Percussion, Drum [Squeek Drum], Percussion [Bowed Metal], Wind [Whirled Tube] (6)
Produced By — Dan Maurer, Jim Juhn

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