Lou Reed ‎– Transformer (1972)

Transformer is the second solo album by New York singer/songwriter Lou Reed, produced by David Bowie and released in 1972 on RCA Victor.

A1. “Vicious” (2:55)
A2. “Andy’s Chest” (3:17)
A3. “Perfect Day” (3:43)
A4. “Hangin’ ‘Round” (3:39)
A5. “Walk on the Wild Side” (4:12)
B1. “Make Up” (2:58)
B2. “Satellite of Love” (3:40)
B3. “Wagon Wheel” (3:19)
B4. “New York Telephone Conversation” (1:31)
B5. “I’m So Free” (3:07)
B6. “Goodnight Ladies” (4:19)

Lou Reed — songwriter, guitar, vocals, arrangements, mixing
David Bowie — producer, backing vocals, arrangements, mixing
Mick Ronson — guitar, backing vocals, arrangements, mixing, string arrangements, piano, recorder
The Thunder Thighs — backing vocals
Klaus Voormann — bass guitar
Herbie Flowers — guitar, string bass, tuba, arrangements
Barry Desouza — drums
John Halzey — drums
Ritchie Dharma — drums

Ken Scott — mixing
Mike Stone — mixing
Arun Chakraverty — mastering
Mick Rock — photography
Karl Stoeker — photography
Ernst Thormahlen — art direction, design
Ronnie Ross — baritone saxophone

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