Loose Ends ‎– A Little Spice (1984)

A Little Spice is the debut album by English R&B/soul act Loose Ends, released in 1984 on Virgin/MCA.

A1. “Tell Me What You Want” (4:47)
A2. “Feel So Right Now” (5:24)
A3. “Let’s Rock” (4:57)
A4. “So Much Love” (4:31)
B1. “Dial 999” (4:52)
B2. “Music Takes Me Higher” (4:56)
B3. “Choose Me” (4:34)
B4. “A Little Spice” (5:08)

Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals – Steve Nichol
Lead Vocals – Jane Eugene
Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals – Macca

Percussion – ‘Doctor’ Leonard Gibbs
Bass – Ron Jennings (B1)
Flute – Donald Robinson (B4)
Guitar – Herb Smith (A2, B4), Ron Jennings (A2, B4)
Saxophone – Bobby Malach (B3)

Design – Bill Smith
Engineer – Al Roberts, Bruce Weeden, Gene Leone
Engineer [Assistant] – Jason Lyle, Remo Leomporra
Photography By – Chris Garnham
Producer – Nick Martinelli
Written-By – McIntosh, Foster (A4), Eugene (A2 to B4), Shell (A1), Nichol

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