Lion – Running All Night (1980)

Running All Night is the first and only album by English/American hard-rock supergroup Lion, released in 1980 on A&M.


A1. “Summer Ghosts” (3:36)
A2. “Cold Sheets (Winters in New York)” (4:22)
A3. “Running All Night With the Lion” (4:27)
A4. “Get Here Woman” (4:19)
B1. “Helpless” (4:29)
B2. “How Does It Feel” (3:48)
B3. “Sweet Fire” (4:38)
B4. “Diana” (6:11)

Steve Webb — lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
Robin Le Mesurier — lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Steve Humphreys — bass guitar
Gary Farr — lead vocals
John Sinclair — keyboards, vocals
Eric Dillon — drums, percussion

Pete Henderson — producer, engineer
Lion — producer
Phil Jost — assistant engineer

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