Lindsey Buckingham ‎– Go Insane (1984)

Go Insane is the second solo album by American musician/songwriter Lindsey Buckingham, released in 1984 on Elektra.

A1. “I Want You” (3:20)
A2. “Go Insane” (3:03)
A3. “Slow Dancing” (4:06)
A4. “I Must Go” (4:51)
A5. “Play in the Rain” (2:48)
B1. “Play in the Rain (Continued)” (4:16)
B2. “Loving Cup” (4:58)
B3. “Bang the Drum” (3:40)
B4. “D.W. Suite” (6:45)

Lindsey Buckingham — vocals, instruments, writer, producer, recording engineer
Gordon Fordyce — writer, keyboard, cowbell, voice, producer, recording engineer
Roy Thomas Baker — executive producer
John Boghosian — assistant engineer
George Marino — mastering
Vigon Seireeni — art direction
Matthew Rolston — photography

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