Linda Hoyle ‎– Pieces of Me (1971)

Pieces of Me is the singular solo album by ex-Affinity vocalist Linda Hoyle, released in 1971 on Vertigo.

A1. “Backlash Blues” (5:48)
A2. “Paper Tulips” (3:29)
A3. “Black Crow” (3:12)
A4. “For My Darling” (3:53)
A5. “Pieces of Me” (4:03)
B1. “Lonely Women” (4:02)
B2. “Hymn to Valery Solanas” (3:58)
B3. “The Ballad of Morty Mole” (4:29)
B4. “Journey’s End” (3:10)
B5. “Morning for One” (4:18)
B6. “Barrel House Music” (2:42)

Linda Hoyle — vocal
Chris Spedding — electric guitar, acoustic guitar
John Marshall — drums, percussion
Jeff Clyne — double bass, bass
Karl Jenkins — piano, electric piano, oboe
Colin Purbrook — piano

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