Linda Clifford – Linda (1977)

Linda is the debut album by American R&B vocalist Linda Clifford, released in 1977 on Curtom Records.

A1. “From Now On” (5:10)
A2. “Be Tender With My Love” (3:52)
A3. “You Can Do It” (4:11)
A4. “You Gotta Tell Her” (3:37)
A5. “One Thing on My Mind” (3:50)
B1. “Tonight’s the Night” (4:07)
B2. “Only Fooling Myself” (3:57)
B3. “Still in Love With You” (3:29)
B4. “If It’s Magic” (4:53)

Vocals – Linda Clifford
Arranged By – Gil Askey (A1 to B1, B3, B4), Tom Washington (B2)
Contractor [Horns] – Len Druss
Contractor [Strings] – Sol Bobrov
Featuring [Special Appreciation] – Bernard Reed, Calvin Bridges, Don “Disco Dan” Leake, Donnell Hagen, Floyd Morris, Frank E. Donaldson, Henry Gibson, John Bishop, Philip Upchurch, William Ross, Tennyson Stephens, Jones Girls, Thomas Ferrone
Photography By – Don Levey
Producer – Gil Askey (A1 to B1, B3, B4), Leroy Hutson (B2)

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