Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar ‎– Fin de Siècle (1989)

Fin de Siècle is the second of two albums by French/Quebecois supergroup Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar, released in 1989 on RēR.

A1. “Scandinavian Pedestran” (3:03)
A2. “Danse de fin de siècle” (3:35)
A3. “The As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not, Section C” (3:33)
A4. “Dernier cigare avant New York” (3:35)
A5. “Quator à cordes Number 4, Section IV” (2:59)
A6. “Micro Parallel Angostura” (3:09)
B1. “Le bloc démoli” (4:16)
B2. “Les Québéricains” (5:23)
B3. “L’arme à l’âme” (5:39)
B4. “The As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not, Section A” (6:00)

André Duchesne — electric guitar, arrangements, composer, mixing engineer, cover design
Jean-Pierre Bouchard — electric guitar, composer
Chris Cutler — drums
Claude Fradette — electric guitar, composer
Rémi Leclerc — drums, snare
René Lussier — electric guitar, bass, composer, mixing engineer
Ferdinand Richard — bass

Lars Hollmer — composer (A1, A6)
Fred Frith — composer (A3, B4)
Béla Bartók — composer (A5)
Jean Derome — (B2)
Gaétan Pilon — recording engineer, mixing engineer
Tim Young — cutting engineer

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