Lenny White ‎– The Adventures of Astral Pirates (1978)

The Adventures of Astral Pirates is the fourth album by American jazz-rock drummer Lenny White, released in 1978 on Elektra.


A1. “Prelude: Theme for Astral Pirates” (1:20)
A2. “Chapter One: Pursuit” (2:58)
A3. “Chapter Two: Mandarin Warlords” (5:06)
A4. “Chapter Three: The Great Pyramid” (2:30)
A5. “Chapter Four: Universal Love” (3:30)
A6. “Chapter Five: Remembering” (0:34)
A7. “Chapter Six: Revelation (Astral Pirates)” (3:25)
B1. “Chapter Seven: Stew, Cabbage, and Garlic Beans” (3:51)
B2. “Chapter Eight: Heavy Metal Monsters” (4:39)
B3. “Chapter Nine: Assault” (3:36)
B4. “Chapter Ten: Climax: Theme for Astral Pirates” (7:42)

Don Blackman — organ, piano, electric piano, synthesizer, vocal, string arrangements
Alex Blake — bass
Nick Moroch — lead guitar
Jeff Sigman — rhythm guitar
Lenny White — drums, synth drums, synthesizer, percussion

Patrick Gleeson — programming

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