Lene Lovich ‎– Flex (1979)

Flex is the second album by New Wave/avant-pop vocalist Lene Lovich, released in 1979 on Stiff.

A1. “Bird Song” (4:28)
A2. “What Will I Do Without You” (3:34)
A3. “Angels” (3:07)
A4. “The Night” (4:30)
A5. “You Can’t Kill Me” (3:45)
B1. “Egghead” (2:25)
B2. “Wonderful One” (4:28)
B3. “Monkey Talk” (3:22)
B4. “Joan” (3:18)
B5. “The Freeze” (4:40)

Lene Lovich — vocals, saxophone, backing vocals, producer, writer
Les Chappell — guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals, producer, writer
Mark Hayward-Chaplin — bass, backing vocals
Justin Hildreth — drums, backing vocals
Nick Plytas — keyboards
Dean Klevatt — keyboards, backing vocals

Alan Winstanley — producer
Roger Bechirian — producer, backing vocals
Peter Bord — engineer

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Lene Lovich
Lene Lovich — aka Lili Marlene Premilovich (born March 30, 1949) — is an American-born New Wave/ar...

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