Lee Garrett – Heat for the Feets (1976)

Heat for the Feets is the only album by American R&B vocalist/songwriter Lee Garrett, released in 1976 on Chrysalis.

A1. “Better Than Walkin’ Out” (4:42)
A2. “Heart Be Still” (4:58)
A3. “You’re My Everything” (3:24)
A4. “How Can I Be a Man” (7:20)
B1. “Broken Down D.J.” (3:42)
B2. “Sad, Sad Story” (5:44)
B3. “Stop That Wrong” (5:34)
B4. “Love Enough for Two” (3:30)
B5. “Don’t Let It Get You Down” (4:13)

Lee Garrett — vocals, backing vocals
Harvey Mason — drums, percussion
Tom Sellers — piano, arranger, co-producer, bass, organ
Scott Edwards — bass
Lee Ritenour — guitar
June Millington — guitar, backing vocals
Dave Grusin — synthesizer
Ian Underwood — synthesizer
Linda McCrary — backing vocals
Charity McCrary — backing vocals
Sundray Tucker — backing vocals
Eric Malamud — producer
Don Murray — associate producer, engineer
Tom Scott — saxophone
Chuck Findley — trumpet
Steve Madaio — trumpet
Richard “Slyde” Hyde — trombone
Ernie Watts — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Johnny Rotella — baritone saxophone, flute
Buddy Collette — alto saxophone, flute
George Bohanon — trombone
Cash McCall — lead guitar, horn arrangements
Clint Mosley — guitar, bass
Greg Mathieson — organ, fender rhodes
Jerry Peters — fender rhodes, Clavinet
Gordon DeWitty — organ, fender rhodes
Tony Ramos — congas
Jean Millington — backing vocals
Wendy Haas — backing vocals
Brie Howard — backing vocals
Padi Macheta — backing vocals
Robert Taylor — backing vocals
Lionel Conway — backing vocals
Fleming Williams — backing vocals
Gavin Christopher — backing vocals
Sister Marlena — vocals, featured
Andre “Hollywood” Reed — horn arrangements

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