Le Orme ‎– Verità Nascoste (1976)

Verità Nascoste is the seventh studio album by Italian symphonic/art-rock band Le Orme, released in 1976 on Philips.

A1. “Insieme al concerto” (6:04)
A2. “In ottobre” (6:40)
A3. “Verità nascoste” (3:49)
A4. “Vedi Amsterdam” (4:54)
B1. “Regina al Troubadour” (6:43)
B2. “Radiofelicità” (4:55)
B3. “I salmoni” (2:54)
B4. “Il gradino più stretto del cielo” (4:56)

Aldo Tagliapietra — vocals, writer, bass, fender rhodes electric piano
Tony Pagliuca — Hammond organ, synthesizer, mini moog, piano, Clavinet, Mellotron, moog synthesizer, writer
Germano Serafin — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass
Michi Dei Rossi — drums, gong, percussion, glockenspiel, timpani, hand clap
Bill Skeat — flute

Le Orme — producer, arrangements, mixing
Bill Pitt — string arrangements
William Armon — 1st violin
Sidney Margo — 2nd violin
John Forrester — viola
Vivian Joseph — cello

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