Laura Nyro ‎– Mother’s Spiritual (1984)

Mother’s Spiritual is the seventh album of original material by singer/songwriter Laura Nyro, released in 1984 on Columbia.

A1. “To a Child” (3:53)
A2. “The Right to Vote” (3:02)
A3. “A Wilderness” (2:56)
A4. “Melody in the Sky” (3:45)
A5. “Late for Love” (2:57)
A6. “A Free Thinker” (3:15)
A7. “Man in the Moon” (2:55)
B1. “Talk to a Green Tree” (3:44)
B2. “Trees of the Ages” (3:39)
B3. “The Brighter Song” (2:30)
B4. “Roadnotes” (3:18)
B5. “Sophia” (4:39)
B6. “Mother’s Spiritual” (3:12)
B7. “Refrain” (1:08)

Laura Nyro – voice, harmonies, acoustic and electric pianos, dulcimer (B5), production
Terry Silverlight – drums
Lisa Sunshine (Elysa Sunshine) – bass
John Bristow – electric guitar
Todd Rundgren – synthesizer (A7, B2), production assistance
Nydia “Liberty” Mata – percussion, production assistance
Jan Nigro – acoustic guitar
Julie Lyonn Lieberman – violin

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