Laughing Clowns ‎– Mr Uddich-Schmuddich Goes to Town (1982)

Mr Uddich-Schmuddich Goes to Town is the first of three studio albums by Australian avant-garde/jazz-punk quintet the Laughing Clowns, released in 1982 on Prince Melon. Though technically a debut album, the band had already released an album’s worth of material across three multi-song EPs.

A1. “In Front of Your Eyes” (5:14)
A2. “Come One, Come All” (4:08)
A3. “Laughter Around the Table” (8:11)
A4. “Knife in the Head” (3:03)
B1. “Theme From Mad Flies, Mad Flies” (4:14)
B2. “A Song of Joy” (3:01)
B3. “Mr Uddich Schmuddich Goes to Town” (4:42)
B4. “When What You See…” (10:21)

Drums, Percussion – Jeffrey Wegener
Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass – Leslie Millar
Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute – Louise Elliot
Trumpet – Peter Doyle
Vocals, Guitar – Edmund Kuepper

Cover – Judi Dransfield
Engineer – Peter Doyle, Peter Walker
Producer – Edmund Kuepper, Jeffrey Wegener, Peter Doyle

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