Lasse Wellander ‎– Electrocuted (1976)

Electrocuted is the debut album by Swedish guitarist Lasse Wellander, released in 1976 on Sonet.

A1. “Nessie´s Boogie
A2. “Hunk Ó Funk
A3. “Lingonskogen
A4. “Knutstorp Sparkling
A5. “City Hall Blues
B1. “Hotel 167
B2. “Gemini”
B3. “Player Guitar
B4. “Kristin
B5. “Overnigth In Neaples

Bass – Jojje Wadenius, Janne Bergman, Pär-David Johnson
Drums – Ola Brunkert, Stanley Larsson, Tommy Borgudd
Guitar – Claes Af Geijerstam, Lasse Wellander, Yngve Hammervald
Keyboards – Alain Leroux, Dave Greenslade, Kjell Öhman, Per-Erik Hallin, Wlodek Gulgowski

Producer – Claes Af Geijerstam
Vocals – Claes Af Geijerstam, Göran Fristorp, Janne Önnerud, Maritza Horn

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