Lars Hollmer ‎– Från Natt Idag (1983)

Från Natt Idag is the third solo album by erstwhile Samla/Zamla mastermind Lars Hollmer, self-recorded by the multi-instrumentalist and self-released in 1983 on his lone-press KRAX.

A1. “Hoppas Att Det Går” (2:43)
A2. “Mowiee” (3:22)
A3. “Skiss Till Jazz” (1:48)
A4. “Liturgiskt Beat” (4:26)
A5. “Persisk Park” (3:18)
A6. “Soonsong” (2:26)
A7. “Ett Tungt Ok” (3:17)
A8. “Skär” (2:05)
B1. “Optimistbeat” (4:42)
B2. “Nationsjazz” (3:18)
B3. “Inte Quanta” (2:42)
B4. “Tango Noll” (3:37)
B5. “Mörkrädd Vals” (3:01)
B6. “Für Munju” (5:33)

Lars Hollmer – everything

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