Landscape ‎– From the Tea-rooms of Mars …. to the Hell-holes of Uranus (1981)

From the Tea-rooms of Mars …. to the Hell-holes of Uranus is the second album by English futurist New Wave/art-pop band Landscape, released in 1981 on RCA Victory.

A1. “European Man” (4:20)
A2. “Shake the West Awake” (3:23)
A3. “Computer Person” (2:57)
A4. “Alpine Tragedy / Sisters” (4:42)
A5. “Face of the 80s” (3:26)
A6. “New Religion” (3:12)
B1. “Einstein a Go-Go” (2:59)
B2. “Norman Bates” (5:36)
B3. “The Doll’s House” (5:23)
B4. “From the Tea-Rooms of Mars …To the Hell-Holes of Uranus: a) “Beguine”; b) “Mambo”; c) “Tango”” (7:27)

Richard James Burgess — vocals, programming, electronic drums, percussion, synthesizer, drums
Christopher Heaton — vocals, keyboards, grand piano, fender rhodes electric piano
Peter Thoms — trombone, vocals
John L. Walters — programming, synthesizer, vocals
Andy Pask — bass, bass synthesizer, vocals

Colin Thurston — producer, engineer
Landscape — producer, engineer

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