Lake ‎– Lake II (1978)

Lake II is the second album by German/Scottish harmony rockers Lake, released in 1978 on CBS/Columbia.

A1. “Welcome to the West” (5:06)
A2. “See Them Glow” (4:58)
A3. “Letters of Love” (3:38)
A4. “Red Lake” (4:55)
A5. “Love’s a Jailer” (4:29)
B1. “Lost by the Wayside” (4:24)
B2. “Highway 216” (3:36)
B3. “Angel in Disguise” (4:26)
B4. “Scoobie Doobies” (7:45)

Dieter Ahrendt — drums and percussion
Alex Conti — guitar and vocals
James Hopkins-Harrison — lead vocals
Geoffrey Peacey — keyboards, vocals, guitar, engineering
Detlef Petersen — keyboards, vocals, production
Martin Tiefensee — bass guitar

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