Labelle – Chameleon (1976)

Chameleon is the seventh album by American soul-funk trio Labelle, released in 1976 on Epic. The album would be their last of the 20th century.

A1. “Get You Somebody New” (6:08)
A2. “Come Into My Life” (6:45)
A3. “Isn’t It a Shame” (7:58)
A4. “Who’s Watching the Watcher?” (4:16)
B1. “Chameleon” (6:36)
B2. “Gypsy Moths” (4:41)
B3. “A Man in a Trenchcoat (Voodoo)” (7:49)
B4. “Going Down Makes Me Shiver” (7:08)

Patti LaBelle — vocals
Nona Hendryx — vocals
Sarah Dash — vocals
James Ellison — piano, keyboards, synthesizer
David Rubinson — synthesizer, engineer, producer, arrangements
Tom Coster — synthesizer
Eddie Martinez — guitar
Ray Parker Jr. — guitar
Wah Wah Watson — guitar
Carmine Rojas — bass
James Gadson — drums, percussion
Scott Matthews — drums
Jose “Chepito” Areas — percussion
Leon “Ndugu” Chancler — percussion
Lenny Pickett — tenor saxophone
Emilio Castillo — saxophone
Stephen Kupka — baritone saxophone
Kurt McGettrick — bass saxophone

Fred Catero — engineer
Vicki Wickham — producer, arrangements

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