Kyrie Eleison ‎– The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise (1976)

The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise is an album by Austrian symphonic-rock band Kyrie Eleison, released in 1976 on Merlin.

A1. “Out of Dimension” (10:06)
A2. “The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise” (14:20)
–a. Reign
–b. Voices
–c. The Last Reign
–d. Autumn Song
B1. “Forgotten Words” (8:40)
B2. “Lenny” (16:40)

CD bonus track (recorded 1978):
5. “
Mounting The Eternal Spiral” (11:12)

Bass, Acoustic Guitar – Norbert Morin
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Karl Novotny
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar, Backing Vocals – Manfred Drapela
Organ, Piano, Synthesizer, Mellotron, Backing Vocals – Gerald Krampl
Vocals, Percussion – Michael Schubert

Producer – Merlin Records
Design [Front cover By] – Karl Hodina
Lyrics By – Karl Novotny
Music By – Gerald Krampl

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