Kultivator ‎– Barndomens Stigar (1981)

Barndomens Stigar is the lone album by Swedish jazz-rock/Zeuhl combo Kultivator, released in 1981 on Bauta.

A1. “Höga Hästar” (3:32)
A2. “Vemod” (2:35)
A3. “Småfolket” (5:15)
A4. “Kära Jord” (7:07)
B1. “Barndomens Stigar” (5:13)
B2. “Grottekvarnen” (7:05)
B3. “Vårföl” (2:52)
B4. “Novarest” (6:14)

Bass, Harmonica [Cromatic Harmonica], Synth [Final Bass Pattern] – Stefan Carlsson
Drums – Johan Svärd
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Organ, Synth [Synths], Guitar – Johan Hedrén
Guitar, Mandolin, Accordion, Percussion, Vocals – Jonas Linge
Vocals, Recorder [Recorders], Flute [Flutes], Guitar – Ingemo Rylander

Cover Art – Ingemo Rylander
Boys’ Choir – Hädan Sväv
Front Cover Dry-Point Engraving: Trädgårdsmästarnas Väntan (The Garderner’s Waiting) – Leif Elggren
Layout – Ossie
Paintings In Booklet – Stefan Carlsson
Cover Photo – Jonas Linge
Produced, Mixed By – Kultivator
Recorded By – Anton le Clercq, Lach’n Jonsson

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