Krzak ‎– Paczka (1982)

Paczka is an album by long-running Polish blues-rock band Krzak, released in 1982 on Pronit. Released a decade after the band’s formation, the album was their first studio longplayer, following on their debut live album the prior year.

A1. “Legendarny Dziobak” (3:20)
A2. “Bunt W Ulu” (3:14)
A3. “Zezowaty Kot” (3:45)
A4. “Ptak Moich Marzeń” (6:20)
A5. “Korek” (4:10)
B1. “Kawa Blues” (7:10)
B2. “Polowanie Na Łosia” (3:30)
B3. “Tajemniczy Świat Mariana” (10:05)

Bass Guitar – Jerzy Kawalec
Drums – Andrzej Ryszka
Electric Guitar – Andrzej Urny
Lead Guitar – Leszek Winder

Management – Marcin Jacobson
Recorded By – Andrzej Sasin
Engineer – Andrzej Lupa
Technician – Bolesław Bielecki, Henryk Klejny, Marek Siekierzyński, Ryszard Tyl

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