KOM & Agit Prop ‎– Väinämöisen Soitto (1977)

Väinämöisen Soitto is a collaboration album between Finnish orchestra KOM-Kvartetti and vocal quartet Agit Prop, released in 1977 on Love Records.

A1. “Alkusoitto” (3:30)
A2. “I Osa” (5:15)
A3. “II Osa” (6:21)
A4. “III Osa” (8:01)
B1. “IV Osa” (7:28)
B2. “V Osa” (6:05)
B3. “VI Osa” (7:16)
B4. “Finaali” (1:23)

Eero Ojanen — composer, piano
KOM-kvartetti — orchestra
Pekka Aarnio — vocals, producer
Agit Prop-kvartetti — vocals
Martti Launis — vocals
Monna Kamu — vocals
Sinikka Sokka — vocals
Marja-Leena Kouki — vocals
Jukka Hauru — guitar
Ari Valtonen — drums
Tapani Tamminen — bass, liner notes
Erkki Saarela — birch trumpet
Pekka Milonoff — birch trumpet

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