Koen De Bruyne – Here Comes the Crazy Man! (1974)

Here Comes the Crazy Man! is a symphonic/jazz-rock album by Belgian keyboardist/composer Koen De Bruyne, released in 1974 on Vogue.

A1. “And Here Comes the Crazy Man” (5:28)
A2. “The Silver Eye Was Brown” (12:06)
B1. “Pathetic Dreams” (9:00)
B2. “Unanswered Questions” (6:00)

Bass – Juan Desouter
Bongos – Firmin Timmermans (B2)
Cover [Art] – Joost De Bruyne
Drums, Percussion – Jean-Pierre Onraedt
Engineer – Roland Leclerq
Piano, Synthesizer, Composed By – Koen De Bruyne
Trumpet – Gerard Sabbe, Richard Rousselet

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