King’s X ‎– Gretchen Goes to Nebraska (1989)

Gretchen Goes to Nebraska is the second album by Texan hard-rock trio King’s X, released in 1989 on Atlantic/Megaforce.

1. “Out of the Silent Planet” (5:44)
2. “Over My Head” (4:47)
3. “Summerland” (3:17)
4. “Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something” (3:57)
5. “The Difference (In the Garden of St. Anne’s-on-the-Hill)” (3:08)
6. “I’ll Never Be the Same” (4:57)
7. “Mission” (5:00)
8. “Fall on Me” (4:03)
9. “Pleiades” (4:42)
10. “Don’t Believe It (It’s Easier Said Than Done)” (3:06)
11. “Send a Message” (4:02)
12. “The Burning Down” (5:15)

Doug Pinnick — vocals, bass
Ty Tabor — guitar, sitar, vocals
Jerry Gaskill — drums, percussion, vocals

King’s X — producer
Sam Taylor — producer, pipe organ, piano
Steve Ames — engineer
Tony Dawsey — mastering
Jon Zazula — executive producer
Marsha Zazula — producer

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