King Crimson ‎– In the Wake of Poseidon (1970)

In the Wake of Poseidon is the second album by English symphonic-rock band King Crimson, released in May 1970 on Island/Atlantic.

A1. “Peace – A Beginning” (0:50)
A2. “Pictures of a City (including 42nd at Treadmill)” (8:01)
A3. “Cadence and Cascade” (4:38)
A4. “In the Wake of Poseidon (including Libra’s Theme)” (7:58)
B1. “Peace – A Theme” (1:15)
B2. “Cat Food” (4:52)*
B3. “The Devil’s Triangle” (11:38)
—i. “Merday Morn”
—ii. “Hand of Sceiron”
—iii. “Garden of Worm”
B4. “Peace – An End” (1:53)

*B-side: “Groon” (3:30)

Robert Fripp — guitar, devices, music, producer, Mellotron, celesta, electric piano
Peter Giles — bass
Michael Giles — drums
Greg Lake — vocals
Mel Collins — saxophone, flute

Peter Sinfield — design, producer, lyrics
Gordon Haskell — vocals (A3)
Keith Tippet — piano
Robin Thompson — engineer
Tammo de Jongh — cover art

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