Killing Floor – Out of Uranus (1970)

Out of Uranus is the second of two 20th century albums by English hard-rock band Killing Floor, released in 1970 on Penny Farthing.

A1. “Out of Uranus” (4:41)
A2. “Soon There Will Be Everything” (3:54)
A3. “Acid Bean” (4:30)
A4. “Where Nobody Ever Goes” (5:28)
A5. “Sun Keeps Shining” (4:22)
B1. “Call for the Politicians” (2:20)
B2. “Fido Castrol” (4:38)
B3. “Lost Alone” (5:05)
B4. “Son of Wet” (5:20)
B5. “Milkman” (5:26)

Bill Thorndycraft — lead vocals, harmonica
Mike Clarke — guitar
Stuart Macdonald — vocal, bass guitar
Bas Smith — percussion
Lou Martin — piano

Paul Spencer Mac — violin, effects
John Edward — producer

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