Kenny Loggins ‎– High Adventure (1982)

High Adventure is the fourth solo album by West Coast pop/rock vocalist/songwriter Kenny Loggins, released in 1982 on Columbia.

A1. “Don’t Fight It” (3:36)
A2. “Heartlight” (3:55)
A3. “I Gotta Try” (3:50)
A4. “Swear Your Love” (5:01)
A5. “The More We Try” (3:59)
B1. “Heart to Heart” (5:30)
B2. “If It’s Not What You’re Looking For” (4:30)
B3. “It Must Be Imagination” (5:37)
B4. “Only a Miracle” (5:11)

Kenny Loggins — vocals, writer, producer, rhythm guitar, guitar, soloist
Bruce Botnick — producer, mixing engineer, recording engineer
Steve Perry — vocals, featured
Michael McDonald — keyboards, rhodes piano, piano, writer
Neil Giraldo — lead guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar
Steve Lukather — guitar
Tris Imboden — drums, percussion
Abe Laboriel — bass
Tom Snow — synthesizer, writer
Albhy Galuten — Synclavier
David Foster — grand piano, writer
Steve Wood — keyboards, backing vocals
David Paich — synthesizer
James Newton Howard — synthesizer, piano, arranger, string arrangements
Mike Hamilton — guitar, bass, soloist, backing vocals
Dennis Conway — drums
Derek Jackson — bass
Nathan East — bass
Vernon Porter — bass
Paulinho da Costa — congas
Steve Forman — percussion
Lenny Castro — percussion
Jon Clarke — recorder
David Sanborn — performer
Richard Page — backing vocals
Steve George — backing vocals
Max Gronenthal — vocals
The Heartlight School Singers & Dancers Christ Memorial Youth Choir — children’s choir
Marty Paich — string arrangements

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