Ken Watson ‎– Assembly (1985)

Assembly is the only solo album by veteran session percussionist Ken Watson, recorded and self-released by the artist in 1985.

A1. Skeletons in Armor (3:56)
A2. Next X (8:25)
A3. Assembly: Part 1—5 (6:32)
B1. Yuppie Jazz (4:41)
B2. Beating Swords Into Plowshares (6:56)
B3. Elroy’s Poem (9:32)

Bass – Buddy Stewart (2) (tracks: 1)
Drums – Craig Riches (tracks: 7 to 9), David Webb (8) (tracks: 1 to 6)
Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion – Ken Watson
Keyboards – Terry Morgan (6) (tracks: 3 (Parts 2 & 3), 4)
Piano – Greg McPhereson (tracks: 3 (Part 2))

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