Keith Cross & Peter Ross ‎– Bored Civilians (1972)

Bored Civilians is the singular album by English singer/songwriter duo Keith Cross and Peter Ross, released in 1972 on Decca.

A1. “The Last Ocean Rider” (6:56)
A2. “Bored Civilians” (2:34)
A3. “Peace in the End” (3:27)
A4. “Story to a Friend” (11:06)
B1. “Loving You Takes So Long” (4:20)
B2. “Pastels” (4:07)
B3. “The Dead Salute” (3:35)
B4. “Bo Radley” (2:28)
B5. “Fly Home” (7:02)

Keith Cross — guitar, vocals
Peter Ross — guitar, vocals
Andy Sneddon — bass
Chris Stewart — bass
Dee Murray — bass
Sid Gardner — bass
Billy Rankin — drums
Steve Chapman — drums
Jimmy Hastings — flute, saxophone
Nick Lowe — guitar
Peter Arnesen — keyboards
B.J. Cole — pedal steel guitar
Tony Carr — percussion

Peter Sames — producer
Dave Grinsted — engineer
Kevin Fuller — assistant engineer

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