Keats ‎– Keats (1984)

Keats is the singular album by the namesake English art-rock supergroup, produced by Alan Parsons and released in 1984 on EMI.

A1. “Heaven Knows” (3:56)
A2. “Tragedy” (4:58)
A3. “Fight to Win” (4:12)
A4. “Walking on Ice” (3:31)
A5. “How Can You Walk Away” (3:42)
B1. “Turn Your Heart Around” (3:45)
B2. “Avalanche” (4:06)
B3. “Give It Up” (4:45)
B4. “Ask No Questions” (3:25)
B5. “Night Full of Voices” (3:57)

CD reissue bonus track:
11. Hollywood Heart” (3:48)

Richard Cottle — synthesizer, saxophone
Stuart Elliott — drums, electronic drums, tambourine, bells, triangle, guiro, wind chimes, woodblocks, piano string, cowbell, xylophone, writer
Colin Blunstone — vocals, backing vocals, writer
Pete Bardens — piano, synthesizer, keyboards, Rhodes, tubular bells, writer
David Paton — bass, synthesizer, vocals, backing vocals, writer
Ian Bairnson — guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar, piano, synthesizer, bass, backing vocals, writer

Alan Parsons — producer, engineer
Tony Richards — engineer
James Marsh — illustration
Robert Elsdale — photography

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