Kazumi Band ‎– Talk You All Tight (1981)

Talk You All Tight is the first of two albums by Japanese jazz-rock supergroup Kazumi Band, featuring guitarist Kazumi Watanabe. The album was produced by Mike Mainieri and released in 1981 on Nippon Columbia.

A1. “No Halibut Boogie” (4:17)
A2. “Mars” (5:58)
A3. “Bronze” (2:46)
A4. “Talk You All Tight” (6:04)
B1. “The Great Revenge of the Hong Kong Woman” (4:10)
B2. “Never Hide Your Face” (5:11)
B3. “Bathyscaphe” (4:53)
B4. “Kang-Foo” (4:22)

Bass – Kenji Takamizu
Drums – Hideo Yamaki
Guitar – Kazumi Watanabe
Keyboards – Masanori Sasaji
Tenor Saxophone – Yasuaki Shimizu

Producer – Mike Mainieri

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