Kayak ‎– See See the Sun (1973)

See See the Sun is the debut album by Dutch art-pop band Kayak, released in 1973 on Harvest.

A1. Reason for it All” (6:29)
A2. “Lyrics” (3:42)*
A3. “Mouldy Wood” (5:16)
A4. “Lovely Luna” (8:19)
B1. “Hope for a Life” (6:49)
B2. “Ballet of the Cripple” (4:39)
B3. “Forever is a Lonely Thought” (5:26)
B4. “Mammoth” (2:57)
B5. “See See the Sun” (4:13)*

Give It a Name
Still Try to Write a Book

Max Werner – lead vocals, percussion, Mellotron
Johan Slager – guitars, backing vocals
Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards, backing vocals
Cees van Leeuwen – bass, backing vocals, harmonica
Pim Koopman – drums, backing vocals, synthesizer, marimba

Giny Bush and Martine Koeman – violins on “Lyrics”
Ernst Reijseger – cello on “Lyrics”
Gerrit-Jan Leenders – vocals, percussion on “Hope for a Life”
Rijn Peter de Klerk – percussion on “Hope for a Life”
G. Perlee – barrel organ “Flamingo” Amsterdam on “Mammoth”

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