Kayak ‎– Royal Bed Bouncer (1975)

Royal Bed Bouncer is the third album by Dutch art-pop band Kayak, released in 1975 on Harvest/Janus.


A1. “Royal Bed Bouncer” (4:02)
A2. “Life of Gold” (3:25)
A3. “You’re So Bizarre” (3:48)
A4. “Bury the World” (4:21)
A5. “Chance For A Lifetime” (4:15)
B1. “If This Is Your Welcome” (4:56)
B2. “Moments of Joy” (4:00)
B3. “Patricia Anglaia” (2:14)
B4. “Said No Word” (5:15)
B5. “My Heart Never Changed” (2:33)

Max Werner – lead and backing vocals, percussion, mellotron
Johan Slager – guitars, backing vocals
Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards, backing vocals, double bass
Bert Veldkamp – bass guitar, backing vocals
Pim Koopman – drums, backing and lead (A4) vocals

Patricia Paay – worldess vocals (B3)
Gerrit-Jan Leenders – producer

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