Kayak ‎– Phantom of the Night (1978)

Phantom of the Night is the sixth album by Dutch art-pop band Kayak, released in 1978 on Vertigo/Janus.

A1. Keep the Change” (3:38)
A2. “Winning Ways” (3:35)
A3. “Daphne (Laurel Tree)” (5:06)
A4. “Journey Through Time” (3:24)
A5. “Phantom of the Night” (5:02)*
B1. “Crime of Passion” (3:30)
B2. “The Poet and the One Man Band” (4:10)
B3. “Ruthless Queen” (4:47)
B4. “No Man’s Land” (4:00)
B5. “First Signs of Spring” (3:39)

Ballad for a Lost Friend
Ivory Dance

Edward Reekers – lead vocals
Johan Slager – guitars
Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards
Peter Scherpenzeel – bass guitar
Max Werner – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Katherine Lapthorn – backing vocals
Irene Linders – backing vocals

Dennis MacKay – producer

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