Kayak ‎– Alibi (1974)

Kayak II ‎— alternately known as Alibi — is the second album by Dutch art-pop band Kayak, released in 1974 on Harvest.

A1. Alibi” (3:39)
A2. “Wintertime” (2:51)
A3. “Mountain Too Rough” (3:57)
A4. “They Get To Know Me” (9:18)
B1. “Serenades” (3:33)
B2. “Woe and Alas” (3:01)
B3. “Mireille” (Instr.) (2:13)
B4. “Trust In The Machine” (6:06)
B5. “His Master’s Noise” (1:45)

CD extra: “We Are Not Amused” (3:01)

Max Werner – lead vocals, percussion, Mellotron
Johan Slager – guitars, backing vocals
Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards, backing vocals, accordion
Cees van Leeuwen – bass, harmonica
Pim Koopman – drums, backing and lead (B5) vocals, percussion, marimba

Gerrit-Jan Leenders – producer

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