Kaseke ‎– Põletus (1983)

Põletus is the singular full-length album by Estonian jazz-rock/space-rock band Kaseke, released in 1983 on Мелодия (Melodiya).

A1. “Elevant” (4:17)
A2. “Valhalla” (4:14)
A3. “Elevantsi hirmulaul” (3:43)
A4. “Salajane rõõm” (3:46)
A5. “Põletaja” (3:36)
B1. “Tantsija” (5:48)
B2. “Näotused” (4:47)
B3. “Pikk päevatee” (4:45)
B4. “Põlenud maa” (3:42)

Ain Varts — guitar
Riho Sibul — guitar
Priit Kuulberg — bass, engineer
Andrus Vaht — drums
Peeter Malkov — flute
Mart Metsala — keyboards

Tõnu Naissoo — keyboards (B3)
Margus Kappel — keyboards (A1)
Olav Ehala — keyboards (A2)
Erkki-Sven Tüür — keyboards (B4)

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