Kansas ‎– Vinyl Confessions (1982)

Vinyl Confessions is the eighth studio album by American rock band Kansas, released in 1982 on Kirshner.

A1. “Play the Game Tonight” (3:26)
A2. “Right Away” (4:06)
A3. “Fair Exchange” (5:01)
A4. “Chasing Shadows” (3:20)
A5. “Diamonds and Pearls” (4:50)
B1. “Face It” (4:17)
B2. “Windows” (3:32)
B3. “Borderline” (4:00)
B4. “Play On” (3:32)
B5. “Crossfire” (6:35)

John Elefante — keyboards, lead vocals
Kerry Livgren — guitar, keyboards, Synclavier programming
Robby Steinhardt — violin, vocals, lead vocals on “Crossfire”
Rich Williams — guitar
Dave Hope — bass
Phil Ehart — drums

Warren Ham — harmonica
Bill Bergman — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone on tracks 2, 5 and 6
Lee Thornburg, John Berry, Jr. — trumpets on tracks 2 and 5
Greg Smith — baritone saxophone on tracks 2 and 5
Jim Coile — tenor saxophone on tracks 2 and 5
Ben Dahlke — bassoon on track 5
David Pack, Donna Williams — background vocals
Roger Taylor — background vocals on “Right Away”, “Diamonds and Pearls”, “Play the Game Tonight”
Ken Scott – producer, engineer

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