Kansas – Song for America (1975)

Song for America is the second album by American symphonic-hard rockers Kansas, released in February 1975 on CBS-subsidiary Kirshner.

A1. “Down the Road” (3:43)
A2. “Song for America” (9:59)
A3. “Lamplight Symphony” (8:11)
B1. “Lonely Street” (5:41)
B2. “The Devil Game” (5:01)
B3. “Incomudro / Hymn to the Atman” (12:11)

Steve Walsh – organ, ARP and Moog synthesizers, lead vocals (except on “Down the Road”), backing vocals on “Down the Road” and “Lonely Street”, piano on “Down the Road”
Kerry Livgren – electric and rhythm guitars (except on “Song for America” and “Lamplight Symphony”), Moog and ARP synthesizers, ARP strings, piano (except on “Down the Road”)
Robby Steinhardt – violin, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Down the Road”
Rich Williams – electric, acoustic, and rhythm guitars
Dave Hope – bass guitar
Phil Ehart – drums, glockenspiel on “Song for America”, Moog drum and gong on “Incomudro – Hymn to the Atman”

Jeff Glixman – producer
Wally Gold – producer

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