Kaamos ‎– Deeds and Talks (1977)

Deeds and Talks is an album by Finnish art-rock combo Kaamos, released in 1977 on M&T Production.

A1. “Strife” (4:31)
A2. “Are You Turning” (5:48)
A3. “Delightful” (3:31)
A4. “Barokki” (3:32)
A5. “Isabelle Dandelion” (3:12)
B1. “Moment (Now)” (6:40)
B2. “When Shall We Know” (3:36)
B3. “Suit-Case” (8:33)

Johnny Gustafsson — lead vocals, backing vocals, drums, percussion
Kyösti Laihi — keyboard, Minimoog, backing vocals
Ilpo Murtojärvi — guitar, backing vocals
Jakke Leivo — bass

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