Junior Delahaye ‎– Reggae (Showcase) (1982)

Reggae is the singular album by Jamaican dub/Lovers Rock musician Junior Delahaye, released in 1982 on Wackie’s. Reissues of the album bear the title Showcase.

A1. “Love” (5:35)
A2. “I Love You for All Seasons” (3:58)
A3. “All I Need Is Jah” (6:42)
B1. “Travelling Man” (5:14)
B2. “Sitting in the Park” (5:17)
B3. “Movie Show” (5:31)

Backing Vocals – Cassandra, Junior, Love Joy’s
Bass – H. Sylvester, Jah T, Delahaye, Phillip, Myrie, Roy
Drums – Scotty, Luddy, Oral
Guitar – Fox, Jerry Harris
Keyboards – Allah, Barry V., Fox
Percussion – Ras Menelik
Saxophone – Rolando Alphonso

Engineer – Levy, Delahaye, Barnes
Producer – Bullwackie

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