Jukka Hauru ‎– Information (1972)

Information is the first of two solo albums by Finnish jazz-rock guitarist Jukka Hauru, released in 1972 on Finnlevy.

A1. “Mai-Ling” (6:16)
A2. “Room 1972” (1:52)
A3. “Jamsession the Finnish Yes Federation’s Skinheaded Board” (1:33)
A4. “No More Blues” (6:55)
A5. “Evil” (6:08)
B1. “Splitting” (3:24)
B2. “Information” (4:35)
B3. “Refilling Valve” (3:40)
B4. “What?” (4:44)
B5. “Waltz for the Straight Relatives” (2:25)

Bass – Heikki Virtanen (A1, B1 to B5), Tapani Tamminen (B5)
Double Bass – Tapani Tamminen (A3, A3, A5)
Drums – Reino Laine (A2 to B5), Tapani Ikonen (A1)
Guitar, Composed By, Arranged By, Producer – Jukka Hauru
Piano – Olli Ahvenlahti (A5)
Soprano Saxophone – Markku Marstela (A4), Sakari Kukko (A1)
Tenor Saxophone – Raimo Wallen (A1, A2, A4, B1 to B5)
Violin – Juhani Poutanen (A2, A5 to B5)
Vocals, Other [Initiations] – Matti Jakola (A3)

Engineer – Karl Tamminen (A2 to B5), Reino Aaltonen (A1)

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