Jukka Gustavson ‎– Toden Toistoa (1981)

Toden Toistoa is the third solo album by ex-Wigwam keyboardist/composer Jukka Gustavson, released in 1981 on Ponsi.

Toden toistoa” yritän kertoa sinulle kaiken…
A1. “…minkä halajat minun tietävän…” (13:03)
A2. “…tuntevan – syvimmin, aidoimmin, puhtaimmin…” (6:46)
B1. “…tosi aatteiden riemusta…” (9:17)
B2. “…oikean elämän ekstasiasta…” (7:30)

Jukka Gustavson — vocals, keyboards, percussion, composer, lyrics, production, art direction, photography
Vando Suvanto — drums, percussion
Harri Vainikka — bass, percussion
Pekka Nylund — guitar
Timothy Ferchen — vibraphone, marimba

Hessu Loukovaara — recording engineer, mixing engineer
Alpo Vanninen — artwork
Jussi Lassander — photography
Seppo Tyni — solo (A2)

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