Judie Tzuke ‎– Welcome to the Cruise (1979)

Welcome to the Cruise is the debut album by English songwriter/vocalist Judie Tzuke, released in 1979 on Rocket. Stateside, the album was titled Stay With Me Till Dawn to capitalize on the popular closing ballad.

A1. “Welcome to the Cruise” (4:58)
A2. “Sukarita” (3:29)
A3. “For You” (2:42)
A4. “These Are the Laws” (4:45)
A5. “Bring the Rain” (5:07)
B1. “Souther Smiles” (3:51)
B2. “Katiera Island” (5:14)
B3. “Ladies Night” (4:02)
B4. “New Friends Again” (2:44)
B5. “Stay With Me Till Dawn” (3:55)

Judie Tzuke – vocals
Mike Paxman – guitar solos (A1, B5), acoustic guitar (B2), percussion (A4), backing vocals
Ray Russell – guitar, string and brass arrangements
Chris Parren – keyboards
Paul Hart – keyboards (A2), string quartet arrangements (A3)
Mo Foster – bass
Roy Babbington – bass (A1), acoustic bass (A5)
Peter Van Hooke – drums
Barry De Souza – drums (A1, A5)
Simon Phillips – drums (A2)
John Punter – percussion
Morris Pert – marimba (B1) percussion (B2)
Kesh Satche – tabla (A1)
Ray Warleigh – soprano saxophone
Paul Buckmaster – string arrangements
Gavyn Wright – orchestra leader
Richard Studt – orchestra leader
Steve Nye – piano notes

John Punter – producer, engineer (vocal parts), mixing
Lem Lubin – producer on “Sukarita and “For You”
Steve Nye, Colin Fairley – engineers

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